Sausalito Bed and Breakfast by the Dock of the Bay


Read “Sausalito Bed and Breakfast by the Dock of the Bay,” my write-up about our recent trip to Sausalito to explore the docks and overnight at The Gables Inn Sausalito on

A warm thanks to Carmen Edelson at Carmen’s Travel Tips who invited me to write this guest post.

For an illuminating post by Carmen, read where “The Water Glows” and journey with her to The Fajardo Lagoon, one of three bioluminescent lagoons in Puerto Rico.




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  1. We love Sausalito! I enjoy walking along the water and shopping at all the shops along the way. The restaurants on the water with the views are the best. I’ll have to check out the Gables Inn next time we visit. It looks like a nice place to stay.

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