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Flight 001 in San Francisco, described as the “place to go for the modern jet setter,” has a cargo load of travel books, guides, maps, tags, bags, and every trip accessory needed and not really needed but nice to have. This place will draw the serious globetrotter like a magnet—got me. It truly might be “the one-stop shop for the international traveler.”

Besides the stock of pillows, pill boxes, portable chargers, and padded carry-on backpacks with media pockets, the design of the store itself, with lots of rounded edges and white space, makes the visit appealing. The front counter is a check-in desk with clocks showing the time in major cities all over the world. The walls of the shop are bowed like the inside of a plane, with Plexiglass and fluorescent lighting to boot.

baggage claim



SpacepakThis place was truly buzzing with shoppers—only comparable to the too-super-cute-to-pass-up kids shop I’ll get to in another post! It seemed that many were into the compartmentalized packing system called Spacepak consisting of sturdy zip bags of different sizes and colors—one for shoes, another for undergarments or dirty clothes, etc. It’s made to keep things clean and organized. For me, these compartments would be helpful but don’t seem practical. I consider them as just more to carry.

I had my eye on something else that I would have loved to have taken away with me—a single good-sized Rimowa. With the 29” piece of luggage starting at $550, I had to pass. Regardless, this German company, creating made-to-last suitcases since 1898, with tough “100% virgin German polycarbonate shell [which] is flexible under pressure (scratches and dents can be easily buffed out),” offers hardcore luggage pieces. Since the guidessuitcases do look sturdy, I thought they’d be heavy but found one lighter than the leather Vaude suitcase I use, and I appreciate the Rimowa’s swivel wheels.

The only advantage my Vaude has over the Rimowa is that I can throw the former over a shoulder by its handles when climbing stairs or running to catch a connection. The Rimowa can’t be manipulated like that. Still, it’s mean, and if I could…I think I would. The next travel bag I get may be a backpack—a revisit to my salad days, yes, but it’s easier to handle and keeps my hands free for my toddler or the bag she sometimes refuses to carry herself and tosses to the side, deciding is not that important any longer to bring along, forgetting her favorite rainbow slinky, blue marker, mini notepad, plastic hammer, stuffed puppy, fake phone, and “tree-climbing rope” are inside.


After checking out this store, I grabbed a Liver Cleanse at the nearly sold-out Juice Shop on the food truck lot next to a pop-up container store. It was a green gremlin of a concoction (which includes dandelion greens, burdock root, celery, cucumber, and undetectable lemon—a bit hard to get down but super good for you so I managed) and people watched on a park bench.

juice shopjuiceHayes St ParkThere’s a bunch to take in Hayes Valley, so give yourself some time when heading toward Flight 001. Check out my other post on this part of town for more on a bar with literary inclinations if you prefer to booze or unwind with wine and a book.


Go: Flight 001, 525 Hayes St., San Francisco, CA 94102. There are other locations in North America, Australia, and Asia.

Read: Some of the books in the Flight 001 stash include:

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