Hello, I’m Sam. I was born by a river in Buenos Aires and raised along the ocean in San Francisco. Having recently spent six years living in landlocked Las Vegas, I perpetually lurch toward the coast.

As an 8 year old, I won a local library competition. I drew a poster showing kids reading books at tables, thought bubbles containing faraway scenes and places. With colored pencils, I drew winged books flying overhead and wrote these words at the top: “Books have wings. They can take you anywhere.” I recently found this first-place finish while cleaning out an old hat box full of everything except a hat. I thought, I still can’t draw to save my life, and My parents were as good as warned that I’d run off to see the world for myself.

Born from my irrepressible habits of traveling, reading, and writing, this site presents stories, essays, articles, reviews, and reflections in which travel & literature mix.

You’ll find where or what I think is pretty awesome (or not) as I move around the world. Usually, it’ll relate to books, lit, music, theater, art, cinema, or the written word somehow. Ideally, this is a place of exploration and discovery.

I’m ever curious and never bored. Stories to me are the stuff life is made of. I like the edges of things and song.

I hope you enjoy Reading the Road. Thanks for finding your way here.


What do you like? What are you reading? Where are you going? I’d love to know. Leave me a note below.


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  1. Hi Sam! I just read your post about the lost soul in Padang Padang…thank you! It will somehow help me accept the loss of a friend, that recently left to be reborn while surfing in Bali…

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